The recipients with officials from the League

The Dominica Co-operative Society League has presented full and partial scholarships for five years based on merit and need to six students, who are heading to various high schools island-wide, come September 2017.

On Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017, the League awarded Adeola Xavier, the top performer at the Grade Six National Assessment and a future student at the Convent High School, with the merit-based Joffre Robinson Scholarship for Excellence, and Meralda T. Thomas, who plans to attend the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, was presented with the Sister Alicia Scholarship based on need.

The other four students, Curin Mesmain, Annilia Joseph, Gillo A. Jean and Jonathan C. Robin received partial scholarships based on need. Mesmain will attend the Goodwill Secondary School; Joseph, the Portsmouth SDA School; Jean, the Portsmouth Secondary School; and Robin, the North East Comprehensive.

General Manager of the Society League, Phoenix Belfield, said that the handing over of scholarships is a testimony of the credit union’s belief in the investment in and development of the youth, as a stepping stone for continuing the movement that the society has initiated.

He said the League’s “significant emphasis on youth development” is what is going to ensure that the movement remains prosperous, vibrant, and relevant.

Belfield promised that the League will continue to invest in the education of the young people.

“We have come from the poor man’s bank to a significant player within the financial arena nationally, and that is why as a league, we will continue to invest in the youth because the youth are our future,” he stated, adding that it is an extreme privilege and honour for the League to be able to contribute towards youth development.

Alganan Degallerie is President of the League

Meantime President of the League, Alganan Degallerie, has encouraged the students to make good use of the opportunity set before them as their parents and the credit union itself are trying their very best to ensure that they get the education that they deserve.

“Students, you have been given a golden opportunity at success, embrace it and take full advantage. Your primary focus is on your achievement at school. You do not have to worry how you are going to survive at school…Ensure that you perform your task in a very diligent and efficient manner since this is the only way that you will be able to achieve your goals. Ensure that you put your all into your school work,” Degallerie stated.

He encouraged the parents of the recipients to get on board with their children and help to bring out their best academic performance along with participation in the ‘credit unionette’ to carve their responsibilities as young adolescents.

“So parents, you have no excuse not to do all within your powers to ensure success since a heavy burden has been lifted from your shoulders and placed on that of the League. Parents ensure that these recipients are part of their school’s ‘credit unionette’ since it will teach them a sense of responsibility and a greater appreciation for the credit union movement,” Degallerie remarked.

Phoenix Belfield is General Manager of the League

To date, the Dominica Co-operative Societies League, for this year alone, has spent over $7,275.47 dollars on just textbooks – an expense to be added to the cost of tuition for the all the students.

Since the establishment of the programme, the League has provided over $415,000 dollars on scholarships.