Parillon topped the exam results

Parillon topped the exam results

A student of the St. Mary’s Academy, Al Parillon, is among the top performer in the CSEC exams in results released on Friday morning.

He received 11 ones and two twos.

Following closely behind are Kaele Benjamin, Tiffany Johnson and Tojya Vital of the Convent High School, who obtained ten one’s.

Speaking to the press after results were announced, Parilon, 17, who is from Fond Cole, said that when he heard the news he was astonished.

“My immediate reaction was I was astonished,” he said. “I did well, I did very well. But I didn’t do as I wanted. I wanted to get 13 ones at first but 11 ones and 2 twos are generally a great result.”

He described preparations for the exams as “tough.”

“The preparation was tough for me,” he stated. “It included a lot of sacrifices, for example dropping karate. I was originally in karate and football at the same time. I had to drop them to attend other classes. My studying time I had to increase them, and it includes some sleepless nights where I had to do certain projects and assignments.”

Parillon also mentioned that he received a lot of support from his family, friends and “everybody.”

He did business subjects with sciences and his favorite subjects include mathematics, accounts, Spanish and information technology.

“I have a real passion when it comes to those subjects,” he noted, and mentioned that he is looking forward to becoming a software engineer, specializing in operating systems.

He also has some advice for other students.

“Based on my success, I would like to give the message to upcoming students that they have to put the preparation in, they have to be determined,” Parillon said. “If you want to get your grades and good result you have to put the time in you have to put the sacrifice in and you will reap success, I guarantee it.”

Another top performer, Kaele L Benjamin of the Convent High School, said she is happy because of the results.

Benjamin, who is the daughter of psychiatrist Dr. Griffin Benjamin, said that she too had to work long hours to make it to the top.

“I worked very hard and for me there were nights when you had to stay up and put in work. Even mornings I had to wake up at 6:00 am and during the Easter holidays I had to wake up to prepare,” she noted.

She said her family was very supportive.

Other top performer were Lou-Ann Lawrence of the Castle Bruce Secondary who received 9 ones and three two’s, Munirih V Marie of the Convent High School and Devon Malcom Brewster of the Portsmouth Secondary School  who received 9 ones and 2 two’s.

Paloma K B St. Jean of the Convent High School and Benjamin Pascal of the Dominica Grammar School received nine ones and one two.

There were 38 students who were top performers and out of that 18 students the Convent High School captured top grades of six ones and above.

The schools which had top performers are: the Castle Bruce Secondary school, 3; St Mary’s Academy; 3, Portsmouth Secondary; 2, the Dominica Grammar School; 3, the Seventh Day Adventist, 3.

The overall pass rate was 76.1 percent compared to 74.6 percetn last year.

CXC Registrar Catherine Daniel noted that the student with the most one is not necessarily the top performer in the island.