Saint Jean speaking at the conference. * Sean Douglas photo

Minister of Education and Human Resource Development Petter Saint Jean has called on school principals to manage their institutions in a way that will guarantee that students are provided with a broad-based education.

The minister, who addressed the ceremonial launch of a new Education Enhancement Project yesterday, said that government’s investments in education cannot stand alone but need the involvement of all stakeholders if it is to be effective.

Saint Jean said that competent school leadership is key.

“The importance of effective school leadership in developing student competencies cannot be over emphasized… Such investments can only go as far as the distance allowed by the stakeholders.  School principals are therefore critical partners in the drive to maximize students’ experience of schooling,” he stated.

“Investment in education on its own cannot and will not make a profound difference to our education system… School plants must therefore be managed by principals with a clear vision and a set of standards geared at student attainment.  These plants must be manned by teachers who are highly professional and who constantly seek avenues to better their own performance,” the minister said.

Saint Jean also noted that parental support will largely compliment the efforts of the ministry and these institutions.

“They must, and I want to repeat here, they must be supported by parents who are enormously keen on the achievements of the students and who demonstrate this interest through sustained collaboration  with the schools,” he stated.