Students taking part in the march

Students and teachers of the St Martin Primary School took to the streets of Roseau on Friday to host a major Anti-drug and Anti-bullying march.

The event forms part of activities to observe Drug Awareness Month under the theme: ‘Listen First’.

.“Today the 27th January, the St Martin Primary School came together to do an Anti-bullying and Anti- drugs march around Roseau to sensitize the public about drugs, bullying and to see if we can reduce or suggest ways in which to stamp out bullying and the take of illegal drugs,” head of the infant section of the St Martin Primary School, Annetta Williams told Dominica News Online shortly after the march.

She pointed out that during Family Life and Religion lessons at the school, “We promote values and we want to instil into the children to be loving and kind.”

She said the school also want to teach children of the dangers of illegal drugs.

“We want to instill at a very early age the danger of drugs,” Williams stated.

She revealed that some children come from families who are drug addicts.

“Even in their neighbourhoods, they see people taking drugs so we just want to let the public know whatever they are doing affect our children in school, and these children are among other children, so it’s a cycle,” Williams mentioned. “We try to do in our own way, our anti-rally march and our education drive to stop drugs.”

She said this is done at a very early age at the various sections of the school, from the infant section to the Secondary School section.

“We just want the public to know that the children are the ones affected and in their own ways, they can pass on the news that stop taking the drugs, stop doing the bad things,” Williams stated.

Furthermore, she stated that bullying is practiced in some homes, “because you have the daddies bullying the mammies and the little ones see that.”

“Domestic violence can also come under a form of bullying…,” she noted.

She said the students enjoyed participating and preparing for the march.

“When we gave them the projects to do, to do their hats, design it, to make sure that they have a message…they were already excited,” Williams revealed. “They had that drive from since home and coming today we were praying against drugs, we were asking God to help those who are drug addicts, you could see the children were praying and singing from their hearts.”

“Going on to the road was an added drive, so they were really involved and they really wanted to send out the message,” she added.

Williams said she hopes the message touches someone out there and a change can be made.