The students expressed disappointment that the pass mark was raised

The students expressed disappointment that the pass mark was raised

Nurses who failed the Regional Nursing Exams (RNE) because the pass mark was allegedly raised without their knowledge, will be receiving official word on the matter from the General Nursing Council (GNC) on Friday.

The matter was first brought to light by a group of concerned student nurses who only noticed that the pass mark, which was initially 60 percent, was pushed further to 66 percent when they went to collect their grades this week.

According to one of the students, Kelma Sabaroche, 24 students sat the exam; out of that 12 passed, 9 received grades between 60-65 percent and the other 4 received below 60 percent.

“It is said in the blue print that the pass mark was 60 percent and today we are picking up our results and they are saying now that the pass mark is 66 percent,” she said. “This means that the persons that got within 60-65 percent failed. We were not informed that the pass mark was 66 percent prior to the exams.”

Sabaroche, stated that they would like the matter addressed by the GNC since the students were no aware of the new pass mark.

She stated that it appears some of the student will now have to re-sit the exam again.

“I’m not saying that we aim for just 60 but it’s just really sad right now that a lot of people have to go back and sit the exam,” she remarked.

She explained that re-sitting the exam is not going to be easy.

“About $600 is needed to sit the exams, and we are students, we are not working and it is very, very tasking right now to have to come up with that kind of money,” Sabaroche noted.

Sabaroche also informed that they would not be able to work as nurses if they fail the RNE.