Students enjoying fish at the event

Students enjoying fish at the event

The 4-H Clubs of St Mary’s Academy, St Mary’s Primary and Convent High School participated in “Eat Fish Day” recently, an annual initiative aimed at encouraging both adults and children to make fish a regular part of their diet.

Teachers and parents of the students helped to prepare and distribute the foods for the activity.

Club Director, Bert Paul said fish is an extremely rich source of nutrients and vitamins.

According to him, “students have shown that diets with a balance intake of fish- that is two to three times a week help promote a healthy brain and heart functioning as well as long-term visual activity.”

Paul went on to say that in adults consumption of fish can drastically reduce the risks of heart attack, stroke or dementia in the elderly.

He said further that fats in fish are healthier than the saturated fats of meat and can, therefore, help maintain a healthier weight.

“Some studies have shown that eating fish promote better quality of sleep and reduces one’s likelihood of developing clinical depression,” he stated. “So eat more fish, it’s good for you.”

Paul advised, “Your brain will be better for it, you won’t go blind and if you’re lazy like me, you’ll be happy to know that it can be seasoned and cooked in a fifth of the time it takes to prepare some drumsticks.”

Additionally he noted, “It nothing else, a bit more fish and lots less meat can save that coke bottle figure you’ve been longing for after being quenchie shaped for so long.”