Participants at the clinic

Thirty primary school students from the north have successfully completed a two-week Kids Fishing Clinic. It is the hope of fisheries officials on island that the young students will go on to think of marine science as a useful study option.

This is the information coming from the Fishereis Division in a press rds go release over the weekend.

The clinic ended late last week and in a closing ceremony at the Portsmouth Fisheries Centre, Fisheries Minister Dr. Kenneth Darroux endorsed the program as a positive sign for the future development of fishing and promise his ministry’s support to the undertaking of similar programs on island.

Coordinator of the Kids Fishing Clinic, Riviere Sebastian indicated that the trainees learnt basics in marine environmental stewardship, fishing ethics, angling skills, capacity building, and marine biology and fishing safety.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Harold Guiste told the students that he was pleased that there were no accidents and thanked the students for demonstrating such high level of interest in the field of marine science.

The program cost approximately $24,000 of which almost 50 percent came from Miss Renate Siegenthler. The Fisheries Division expressed gratitude to Siegenthler and all other sponsors and persons involved including the parents and teachers of the students.