DARDA 2011 school supply drive at Pichelin Primary School

Through the successful completion of its 2011 School Supply Drive initiative – aimed at promoting literacy and education in Dominica by providing book bags filled with necessary school supplies to needy students – DARDA (Dominica-American Relief & Development Association) was able to help prepare a number of students throughout several villages in Dominica for academic success in the 2011/2012 school year.

Through various donations and fund-raising activities, DARDA was able to provide 107 students from ten different schools with book bags filled with school supplies.  Students from Belles, Delices, Coulibistrie, Laudat, Pichelin, Wotten Waven, Bagatelle, Morne Prosper, Morne Jaune and Newtown primary schools received book bags filled with standard school supplies including notebooks, folders, geometry sets, pens, etc. as well as arts & crafts supplies for the younger grades.

DARDA recognizes the value of an education in a child’s growth and development.  For this reason, the School Supply Drive is a source of great pride and accomplishment for the group and the many friends of DARDA that have contributed to the drive’s success to date.  DARDA wishes the students the best in this academic year and looks forward to helping others in the years to come.

DARDA is a non-profit organization formed in 1981 by a group of Dominicans living in and around the New York, USA area that, over the years, has raised funds for and lent support towards several worthwhile causes throughout Dominica.

For more information about the School Supply Drive or DARDA, please visit our website at www.darda.org or find us on facebook!