teachingGovernment says it is taking decisive action to ensure academic success of every child in Dominica.

As part of this the Ministry of Education on Monday embarked on a five-day multi-grade training workshop for educators on the island.

Twenty-five principals and 60 teachers are participating in the workshop which, according to the organizers, is one of the many initiatives under the Dominica Enhancement Project.

Education Minister Petter Saint Jean told the start of Monday’s workshop that developing skills and strategies in students that allow for a high level of independence and efficiency in learning, either individually or as a group, is most essential in the multi-grade classroom.

“It is with this foundation that government see it fit to equip our teachers with necessary skills to improve student achievement and maximize the potential of every child accessing our schools,” he said adding that the best possible education outcome must be achieved by every Dominican child.

“In many Dominican schools only a few multi-grade classrooms do exist,” St Jean said, further pointing out that “an average primary school in Dominica is ill equipped to handle the multi-grade situation”.

Meantime, Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Education Chandler Hyacinth said for students to learn effectively in multi-grade environments, teachers must be well trained as these classes pose a particular challenge.

“As teachers you must hold positive attitudes to multi-grade teaching. In some instances we see in some schools that there is a negative approach towards multi-grade teaching. It is also seen as second class … but we have to adapt because multi-grade is a reality to us,” she explained.