Jacinta Bannis, Director of the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit

Twenty-five Grade K teachers are currently participating in a drug abuse education workshop in Dominica.

The workshop, which is taking place at the Public Service Training Center, will enable teachers to improve on their teaching of drug education using appropriate materials in the classrooms.

Director of the Drug Abuse Prevention Unit, Jacinta Bannis, says at the end a manual will be produced for use in the classroom for teaching drug education in various subjects such as language arts, music, heath and family life education and science.

“Last year we conducted similar exercise for 70 preschool teachers in two workshops. Children in pre-school Kindergarten generally have limited knowledge about drugs, however there are reasons for teaching drug prevention in these early grades. We believe that early intervention will enable children to identify good and bad drugs and the re-enforcement of classroom lessons and activities will help develop values to increase their refusal skills,” she said.

Early Childhood Education Beverly Leblanc is facilitating the project.