Blaize said teachers’ skills and talents are not being utilized in Dominica

Assistant Chief Education Officer, Jeffrey Blaize has called on principals to make proper use of the skills and talents of teachers on the island since they are being underutilized.

He said human resources must be maximized in schools.

“I recognize that there are many teachers whose skills sets and talents are underutilized within our schools,” he said recently. “Principals conduct proper human resource inventories, ensure that you recognize the worth and competence of our teachers and ensure that in deployment will maximize the resources that are available to us at schools.”

According to Blaize there are teachers with tremendous skills in particular areas that are not being utilized.

“And this year I really want the supervisory and support staff to pay close eye to maximize in deployment of teachers both at the primary and secondary schools to ensure that the investment that government is making in professional growth and development is put to use within our school system.”

“We really want to change our mode of operation to ensure that we improve the sort of quality that we really want at our schools,” Blaize added.