A competition to assemble and disassemble a functioning computer will form part of the 2103 ICT Fest

A competition to assemble and disassemble a functioning computer will form part of the 2103 ICT Fest

A competition to assemble a fully functioning computer and an essay competition are among many highlights to form part of the upcoming 2013 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Fest.

One of the Organizers, Verne Leslie, said the computer building competition will be timed in two areas.

“The computer assembly race, as it is called, will include different categories of persons who will compete in a race for the fastest time to build a completely functioning computer,” she explained. “The competition will be timed for disassemble and reassemble of different parts of the computer.”

The essay competition will be on the topic ‘How can schools make the best use of information and Communication Technology in the Classroom’.

“The national ICT Fest essay competition is designed to encourage critical thinking among primary school students, and to motivate their engagement in the discussions on information and communication technologies,” she noted.

The essay should be between 500-800 words and be submitted by June 14th.

However the two are not the only competitions that will form part of the event.

The ‘Know your ICT’ competition will be organized to test one’s  knowledge of  computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology and will be on the third day of the ICT Fest.

The LET Program competition will comprise mainly of an impromptu programming challenge and a research project, Leslie said.

The Web Search competition will give students a chance to compete in a race to see who can correctly answer questions using internet search engines. The contest is designed to develop and improve research skills of students finding specific information on specific questions, according to Leslie.

The final competition will be a graphic design competition. Participants are required to design a flyer that will showcase topics that will be given to them. Some images will be provided by the ICT Fest committee that must be incorporated into the flyer.

The 2013 ICT Fest will be held on the grounds of the Windsor Park Sports Stadium from July 2nd -4ht 2013 under the theme “Empowering Citizens, Embracing the Future.”