The students had a day of fun activities

The students had a day of fun activities

Wave Dancer Watersports Ltd has hosted a successful activity dubbed “Watersports Fun Day” for the top twenty (20) performing students of the Jones Beaupierre Primary School in La Plaine.

The activity, which is an annual one, was held at the Coconut Beach in Picard, Portsmouth on Wednesday.

“We selected the twenty top students and best behaviour students from the school,” Manager of Wave Dancer Watersports, Eustace Joseph told DNO.

Joseph is a part student of the school and is also the owner of Quality Buy Vehicle Rentals Ltd.

According to him, the initiative is one which encourages students to work hard.

“I think it is encouraging students to work hard and that is the motive,” he stated. “The motive is to select a group of students and so all the students are going to try really hard to get on that list.They have to perform, they have to behave. We would like to see the school’s performance get better.”

Joseph said the students had a full day of fun.

Activities included riding a banana boat, sailing, swimming, among other activities.

Wave Dancer Watersports was hosted for the first time on June 21st 2014.