Fontaine is described as a quiet but brilliant student

The only male student to make it to the top five performers in the 2017 Grade Six National Assessment Exams (G6NA) has sent a message to students that they should be focused in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Deleon Fontaine is a student of the Temple SDA School and he placed second islandwide in the exams. The results were released on Monday.

He told DNO that when he heard the results, he was “very happy yet still remained calm.”

A quiet student, Fontaine advised other students, especially males, to create a schedule between academics and play time with more time placed on educational activities rather than recreational ones.

“Be focused on your work and pay attention to what your teacher is saying, study what the teacher sent you to study and just do what you have to do. Limit your playing time and so on,” he said.

He added that in preparation for the exams, he received great help from his teachers and parents.

“We had to study, we had help from our teachers, we helped each other at times, and at home, well, I studied with my parents,” he said.

Fontaine’s class teacher, Glenda Charles-Cirius, said he is a student who prefers to remain silent and observant but he is brilliant, humble and whose ability to write is exceptional.

“He is smart, but he is humble about it. Another thing is that he is an independent learner. He will do most of his stuff on his own, he will do his research on his own, he writes brilliant essays even without my help,” Charles-Cirius remarked.

Fontaine intends to move on to the Dominica Seven Day Adventist Secondary school in his efforts to become a scientist.

In his spare time, Fontaine enjoys playing games outside with his friends and teammates including computer games, and also, watching different shows and going out to different places.

Statistics show that girls outperform boys by an average of five percent in all areas in the G6NA.