Chinese scholarship recipients (back row) with Chinese and Govt officials (front row)

The Chinese Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in collaboration with the Ministry of Education has awarded twelve students with scholarships to pursue university level education at some of the top universities in China.

The award ceremony was held at the Fort Young Hotel on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 where a special appearance was made by President of Dominica, Charles Savarin and his wife, Mrs. Savarin.

The scholarship includes coverage for tuition and medical insurance.

The students are Nikacey Jno-Finn who will pursue Clinical Medicine; Kerchel Fan Fan – Biotechnology; Danila Paul – Financial Management; Daniel Scotland – Clinical Medicine; Bobb Jenkins – Information and Computer Science and Daron Lloyd – Electronic and Information Engineering. Other scholarship recipients are Ghandi Matthew who will study Civil Engineering; Nahim Brumant – Architecture; Curtley Darroux – Telecommunications Engineering; Karhmalee Severin – Clinical Medicine; Bertrand Swain – Environmental Science and Engineering and Kathlyn Paul – International Relations and Diplomacy.

Saint Jean

Minister for Education, Petter Saint Jean, said that the awardees must count themselves as privileged as this opportunity is still a dream for many other young Dominicans who were not given this stepping stone.

“We are on the way to realizing a modern, prosperous Dominica, and the twelve awardees here this afternoon must see yourselves as privileged to be a vital part of the human resources on which this new Dominica is being built. For you the students receiving this award today, I say that I know you are filled with emotions, excited that you are going out abroad to study, you are finally going to China…but for you, what is actual reality is still a dream for many young Dominicans,” Saint Jean stated.

One of the recipients, Curtley Darroux, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to study abroad, and although it will be a culture shock, he said he is willing and ready to take the challenges head on.

“I am indeed grateful for this opportunity, in obtaining the scholarship to pursue studies in the People’s Republic of China. To me, it’s a complete change of environment, (a) different culture which I may have to adapt to. Saying it will be an easy task, is another statement, but with the commitment and determination and all the support I’m getting, I think that I will overcome these obstacles, and am confident that I will make my myself, my family and my country on a whole, proud,” Darroux said.

Darroux hopes to become an engineer in his field and hopes to implement the skills attained at university into his home country for the development of the telecommunications sector.

Some of the scholarship recipients at the function