Top performer Carlissa George wipes a tear after learning of the results

Adeola Xaiver of the St. Martin Primary School has topped the Grade Six National Assessment Exams.

She was among four students from the school who made it to the top five position in the exams with Grade A’s in all subject areas.

The other student in the top five position is from the Temple SDA Primary School.

The other top five peformers are (in order if performance):

Deleon Fontaine of the Temple SDA Primary,
Nallah Alexis of the St Martin Primary,
Kerelle Joseph of the St Martin Primary and
Carlisa George of the St Martin Primary.

Fontaine, from Wesley, was the only boy in the top five performers. He was not present when the results were announced.

The top performers from St Martin Primary (from right): Adeola Xavier, Nallah Alexis, Kerelle Joseph, and Carlissa George

The results were released at a press conference held at the Ministry of Finance on Monday June 26th 2017.

Xavier, who was described by her parents as an emblem of determination and consistency, expressed great satisfaction with her performance.

“It feels exciting, a little bit overwhelmed, but I am just thankful that I got a scholarship. I thought I would do well, but I did not think I would do that well,” she said.

She said that her preparation “wasn’t so hard”, however, she did receive immense motivation from her parents and family.

“At those moments, I did not think that it would do that much, but now I see that that is all for a reason so I want to thank everybody. If I did not have my parents supporting me all these years, I don’t think I would have the confidence, the courage or the determination to get a scholarship,” she remarked.

She has intentions of attending the Convent High School and plans to become an engineer because of her love for “how things work.”

Xavier’s parents also shared in her elation with her father, Gerry Xavier, thanking God, and the teachers for his daughter’s success.

“Oh this is amazing, it just feels extremely wonderful and we thank God for all the teachers and all the ones who contributed towards her success over the years. Adeola has been a dedicated student from day one, and has never gotten an average below 95 from the time she started primary school,” he said.

He said that he expected his daughter to do well, but being the top performer came as a surprise, and was “just the icing on the cake.”

Nailah Alexis, Kerelle Joseph, and Carlisa George, all from the St. Martin Primary School, formed part of the top five performers on island, and Deleon Fontaine, from the Temple SDA Primary, also found his way to the top five of the list.

Parents pose with top performers from St Martin Primary

The Pioneer Preparatory School was the Top Performing School.

On the basis of this year’s results, the Government has decided to award scholarships to all students who obtained four grade A’s or three A’s and one B, or three A’s and one C, or two A’s and two B’s.

Bursaries are to be awarded to those students who obtained the equivalent of four B’s or better but did not qualify for the award of a scholarship. On this basis, 100 students were awarded scholarships and 86 were awarded bursaries.

The amount allocated to scholars and bursaries for textbooks and stationery is $500.00 and $300.00 respectively.

The top performing schools are:

Pioneer Preparatory School
Light House Christian Academy
Petite Savanna Primary
St. Martin Primary
Ebanezar S.D.A. primary school
Roosevelt Douglas primary school
St. Mary’s Primary School
Berean Christian Academy
Convent Preparatory