The cheque being held by US embassy Political Officer Michael Carver and Librarian Davina Jones

The Roseau Public Library on Thursday received a donation from the United States Embassy which could significantly boost its operation.

A cheque of US$10,000 was presented to the library which according to librarian Davina Jones will go toward purchasing books, games and other equipment for the institution.

“Today we received a cheque from the US Embassy to support our American Corner which is a project run by the library in collaboration with them. This is the second year that we are receiving money from them which enables us to run programmes for children and adults,” Jones stated.

She added that the embassy allows training for staff of the library as part of the project.

The American Corner was launched in January 2011 and has received over US$43,000 in assistance from the US Embassy. Exhibitions, book readings, movie marathons, craft workshops and literature discussions are some of the activities offered by the American corner project.