The awardee receives his scholarship

For more than twelve (12) years, the West Coast Cooperative Credit Union (WCCCU) has maintained its dedication to the communities it serves and to the educational development of members through the award of scholarships to their children and wards to facilitate attendance at high school or college.

Each year, a merit-based award provides the awardee with text books, stationery, transportation and the payment of examination fees for the duration of his secondary school life, provided he/she performs creditably.

In keeping with the Credit Union’s scholarship policy, this year’s awardee is Bill Frederick of Salisbury, who was the most successful of the eligible candidates at the 2017 Grade Six National Assessment Examination.

In addition to Bill, Chalika Vidal, Lanaya Townsend, Grace Vidal and Gracelyn Victor will all maintain existing scholarships with West Coast based on their continued satisfactory academic performance.

Education is one of the foundational principles of cooperatives and West Coast Cooperative Credit Union is pleased to assist members in this manner and is proud of the achievement of our scholars.

We are also pleased to join the national effort to equip our youth for positive and productive futures.

This is fundamental to our strategy: to improve the quality of life of members, their communities and the nation by extension.