A number of students who participated in a recent Youth Development Division Computer Literacy Course have given their thumbs up to the program and testified that their skills and characters have been enhanced because of the course.

Thirty-six participants gathered at the Public Service Training centre this morning where they were given the opportunity to express their sentiments on what they called a very “worthy course”.


The computer literacy program, which also included social, business and family life sessions, with a special business etiquette segment and power talk, began in September 2010 and ended in December 2010.

Job developer for the division, Matilda Popo, said that all participants were sent on a one-month job attachment at various business houses on the island to gain work experience because “we recognize at the Youth Development Division that that is critical”.

She thanked all the business houses who accepted the participants.

Popo described the impact of the program as great.

“The reports were overwhelming,” she said, adding that the participants were praised for their initiative, punctuality, regularity, among other positive traits.

“You feel good when you hear that for the young people. You recognize that what you are doing is not falling through the cracks . You recognize that the young people really got something, got information and they went and applied themselves,” Popo said.

“The business places are so impressed, they keep asking us what are we doing different and they keep them or when there is a vacancy in the business place they look for them, they find them and they employ them,” she added.

She encouraged other young people to enroll at the Youth Division, mentioning several other courses which are offered there including construction and an upcoming craft module.

Meanwhile, one participant told Dominica News Online that the program has helped her in many aspects.

“It helped me to be a more positive individual and the part I like about it most was the social skills which help you to build up your self esteem. For the secretarial etiquette, it helped you to deal with certain things in the office,” she said.

She said that she hopes to continue her job attachment or go back to college to further her studies. Her dream is to become a psychologist.

Most participants gave a positive review of the program and also their input as to how to improve the course.