Bruno said the ravages of Erika inspired the song

Bruno said the ravages of Erika inspired the song

A song which “brings out a fresh beat of pride, resilience and is rallying cry for victims of Tropical Storm Erika” has been released by playwright, Alex Bruno, and is presently hitting the airwaves.

The song, “Erika,” is said to be a crossover song with elements of Gwoka Bèlè and Mazouk. It was written and performed by President of the Erika Disapora Relief Group, based in South Florida, Alex Bruno and Mickael Ferrol in the wake of tropical storm Erika which devastated sections of Dominica on August 27, 2015.

The devastation served as an inspiration for the song, Bruno told DNO.

“It is not easy being a patriot and not being in your island in time of distress and need,” he stated.

Bruno said while coordinating efforts to assist the island, he began asking himself questions.

“Why is that Dominica got hit so bad? I was asking so many questions … so then I decided to put my thoughts in song and asked Erika a few questions,” he noted. “The questions I had to ask I couldn’t ask it to anybody else but Erika, basically that is what inspired the song.”

Bruno said he lost friends during the disaster, including a very close one in Petite Savanne, and his heart is crying for the people who lost their lives and property in Petite Savanne, Coulibistrie and other areas.

“It was a very devastating time for me,” he stated. “I felt like I was the one going through the pain that our country went through … it was a lot to bear. At one point in time I had to pause a bit and shed a tear.”

He was particularly hit hard by the evacuation of Petite Savanne and the animals that may have been left behind.

“I am very concerned about the animals and the well-being of the environment…,” he noted.

A video for the song will be produced in Dominica during the Independence Celebrations, capturing the scenery, sights and sounds of Erika, Bruno noted.

Other persons who contributed to the song include Kidron Alexander and Melchour Joseph, a Producer & Recording Engineer.

The song was recorded at Klassic Entertainment Studios in Florida.

Listen to the song below.