Dear BellaI read your article of the 13-year-old with a boyfriend and I also gave my views, but now I do have a mother at work telling me her 13-year-old has a boyfriend.

How can a mother/parent tell her 12/13-year-old to have boyfriend?

I too have 12-year-old and there is no way I am going to allow her to have a boyfriend or a serious relationship when she has to study her school book for exams.

What is going on in this world? Am I an “old fashioned” parent who took after her mum? My mum raised me in a good way. I had my first boyfriend when I was 21 and got married when I was 30. I had my first child when I was 31.

Why can’t some parents let their kids be kids? It is too young to have a boyfriend at 13 and then what happens if that child is mensurating? What if she gets pregant at 13 or 14 ?

I really want somebody to asnwer me this. Parents where are your parenting? You are the parent not the child. Your kids have to listen to you and do and say what you tell them at that age.

But I guess it is the parents the kids are looking at and that is the reason they have to make their kids have boyfriends/girlfriends at an innocent age of 12 and 13.

what do you think Bella.

Am I wrong or too “old fashioned?”

“Old fashioned” mum

Dear “Old Fashioned mum,”

You are definitely not old fashion. It is very sad that these days when you hear very young children and teenagers talk about or get involved in ‘serious relationships.’

I think we should allow our children to be children. At that early age parents should focus on molding thier children to be healthy, well-rounded and productive people in the future. Teenage years are very tumultous years and the lack of proper parental guidance can be disastrous.

More parents should be stepping to the plate and performing their duties instead of being mere spectators in the development of their children.


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