Triple Kay in a live performance.

While management has said that things are progressing, band leader of the Triple Kay International Kendel Laurent has officially handed in his resignation.

Though not revealing details, Kendel Laurent said that his decision was as a result of some unresolved issues within the band that have gone on for “too long”.

As one of the founding members, his resignation comes at a time when the group is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

In an exclusive interview with the Band’s Booking Agent, Promoter, Emile Depooter on Friday, DNO was informed that the band will soon respond to Laurent’s letter.

“Yes Kendel handed in his resignation to the band I mean, obviously the band went over it and so on, and they will be responding to Kendel on the letter that he gave. But he gave a resignation later and he gave a contract also for if he has to continue playing with the band,” Depooter said.

“So it is like a twofold sort of situation, so that is something that is still in the making. It’s a little premature to really discuss what is going on because next week you might see Kendel in the band. I mean like anything else Kendel is a founding member of the band so it might be a little too soon to discuss that,” he stated.

He assured that despite this setback the band would continue to exist.

“But like anything else the band will continue because the band has played without every single band member because that is how versatile the band Triple Kay is….so it is not a thing where the band will be crippled and walking on one leg or whatever; it is built; things will definitely continue,” he said.

Depooter also spoke of a recent misunderstanding with the band which caused him to quit momentarily.

“There was an incident that took place over the summer whilst they were out there and so on… I can tell you, they were saying that they don’t think it’s economically viable to go to Belgium and they were refusing to go to Belgium and I tried organising for them to go over there…and they were refusing to listen to what I had to say then I got upset and I told them well in that case I didn’t want to have anything to do with the band.”

He said that the band overcame this and has since gone to Belgium as the promoter paid for all the airline tickets.

Depooter told DNO that the band has been highly sought overseas in which gigs have had to be turned down.  The band recently returned to Dominica after an extensive tour of the Caribbean and Europe.

“It’s making it a little difficult for them to work on their album and certain things like that because the calls just keep coming in,” he said.

Depooter said that the band’s new album has been side tracked because of touring.

He attributed the band’s success to the energy displayed in performances.

“ The success with Triple Kay I believe is the energy in the front of the band- the energy the guys put out…Because people now want to go to an event and they want to see a show… and that is what you get from Triple Kay,” he stated.

“You can never come to a Triple Kay jam and be bored. You know, there’s always something new that they are going to come up with…People might have concerns over their lyrics people might have concerns over Tazzy taking out his shirt, whatever it is, but the band has developed their own style and it is working for them. It may not be appealing to everybody ” he stated.

Depooter took the opportunity to mention an issue  which he believes has led to bad publicity for the group.

He explained that many DJ’s and engineers along with other persons have found creative means to record the band’s live performances and distribute them.

This, he said, has put the band in a bad light as some of the lyrics on these publications are only meant for a certain crowd, but end up in the hands children.

“People record those lives and they bring it out to the public. and that gets into the hand of children unfortunately and we really do not like that and we are trying our best to try to curb that situation but it is proving very difficult for us,” he stated.

The Triple Kay International started as the Triple Kay Band from the village of Laudat in 2000. The name of the band was formed as a result of the combination of the three first letters of the founding members names-Kenan Cadette, Kurt Rolle and Kendel Laurent.

Presently the band stands with lead vocalists Wayne “Mr. Benji N²0” Benjamin, David “Tarzan” George and Lennan “Ticky” Matthew.

Daniel “Brush Head” Phillip-Bass, Engineering Assistant, Jeoffrey “JJ Yout” Joseph – Back Keys, Leonel Edwards guitars, Jason “Froggy” Joseph – Drums, Kimani “Tempo” Daley – GrooveBox Controller, Drum Programming. James Rodney  is Road Manager.

The band has produced six albums to date, namely, “Big Ting”, “Fanatik”, “Sewo”, “All Out”, “Pressure” and “Colours”.