Patrons at WCMF 2016

Chairman of Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) Benoit Bardouille has said in its 20 years of existence the number of patrons has increased for the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF).

He was delivering remarks at a press conference on Wednesday where a WCMF partnership was signed between the DDA and Digicel was signed.

“In its 20 years of existence the World Creole Music Festival has increased its pace in continuing to attract not only locals and returning patrons but growing interest from visitors and world renowned artistes to a spectacular showcase of creole culture and music which can only be presented on the nature island of the Caribbean, Dominica,” Bardouille said.

According to him, in 2016 the WCMF attracted over 6,500 visitors to Dominica with an excess of 10,000 patrons in the festival venue each night.

“This is a testament to the festival’s brand power,” he remarked.

Bardouille said WCMF brand continues to grow in regional and international recognition and prestige with it being “touted in the international media market place, most recently by USA today as one of the Caribbean’s top music festivals.”

“So partnerships with companies such as Digicel with their own regional and international appeal are one measurable value,” he stated.

Bardouille thanked Digicel for their continued commitment to the WCMF and Dominica by extension.

He also thanked the other local and regional partners who have already cemented their commitment and support.

“Furthermore we extend the arm to welcome those partners who are still in the wings to join the WCMF family,” Bardouille noted.