Dominicans enjoying Bouyon music

Dominicans enjoying Bouyon music at a Bouyon Festival last year

Manager of Showdown Mas Camp, Dr. Valda Henry has said that although Dominica is in the Calypso season, Bouyon groups will be honored during a segment of the show on Friday.

The Original Bouyon Pioneers, Triple Kay International and WCK will be recognized since Bouyon is the indigenous music of Dominica and the bands are pioneers in that field.

“While, yes, it is the Calypso season, we know that Bouyon music is indigenous to Dominica and so, we have to stop and recognize what’s ours,” she said at a press conference on Thursday. “We have to stop and give recognition to the pioneers in the field… No, it’s not Calypso, but it’s part of our music.”

She went on to state that the influence of Bouyon music is seen even in modern Calypsos.

“And, if you look at some of our Calypsos, if you listen well, you get a little Bouyon fusion now and again,” she stated. “Daryl [Bobb] takes it to a whole new level… It’s really not about a distinct genre, you see the interlocking.”

Also to be honoured at the event is “up and coming” producer, Krishna “Dada” Lawrence. Lawrence is known throughout the Caribbean for producing music with well-known artists such as Gramps Morgan.

“What we want to do is the continuation of the art form, and that is part of the purpose why Dada is part of that lineup,” Dr. Henry said.