WCK, the creators of Bouyon music, have been honoured for their contribution to music.

WCK, one of Dominica’s longest running bands, received the International Soca Legends Award at the 15th Annual International Soca Awards which was held in St. Lucia on July 10, 2018.

Keith Goddard, an original memberĀ of WCK, accepted the award on behalf of the band.

An obviously delighted Goddard who is the bassman for WCK, cited the 31-year continuing journey of the band which had brought them to the point of being recognized at an international soca award show on the basis of their contribution to the development and promotion of a musical genre which they created.

“We created our own genre and it’s called Bouyon music and what it is.. is a mixture of even the soca itself, the jing ping, the quadrille and basically the local stuff at home,” he told the audience at the event. “We fuse together to call it Bouyon music.”

Goddard who is the current WCK band leader, performs with the band during May Fest 2018

Goddard told a wildly supportive audience at the show that the band appreciates the support received from St. Lucians during the process of developing and promoting Bouyon.

“St. Lucia really gave us the foundation for where we are today and I have to recognize a few people. Right now I’m not sure where he is right now but Sean I (St. Lucia radio personality). I used to listen to him a lot in Dominica where we used to basically monitor RCI (Radio Caribbean International) to find out when they are playing Culture Shock or Volan Vole or Balance Batty,” Goddard recalled. “Because where we are today, these people basically set the foundation for WCK, for Bouyon music, hence, soca nusic as well.”

The veteran WCK musician also thanked the band’s fan base in Dominica.

During its 31-year existence, WCK or Windward Caribbean Kulture, released about 14 albums in their largely successful efforts to gain regional and international recognition for Bouyon – the music they created.

Other early WCK members: (l-r): Cornell Phillip, Ashton Lugay, Derek Peters and Irvin Phillip