Local Bouyon artist, Reo (Dario Sebastien) has racked up a million views for his hit song“ Sa Ka Bay” which features DJ Bling- a huge achievement and first for any Dominican Bouyon artist!

Within three months of its July 2018 release, the video had just over half a million views and the song has grown in popularity, resulting in even increased numbers for the artist.   In the clip, Reo and DJ Bling (Casimir Wilson a Dominican based in Guadelope) party at various hotspots on the French Territory. The two highlight the song’s meaning by bigging up various clubs and venues frequented by Bouyon enthusiasts such as Petite New York, Cub Casanova and Pou Pon.  Sa Ka Bay, loosely translated, means it has vibes and so the video, directed by Mighty Productions, captures that electric Bouyon energy.

Reo, a native of Colihaut, says he is super excited about the traction the video has received so far.

“Big up to all the fans supporting the vibes, especially those in Guadeloupe. Thanks for your support it just gives me the drive to do more for you. Now we aiming for five million!”

One of his managers, Tridel Edwin, says that the quick rise of the video highlights the popularity of the Dominica-created genre.

“Bouyon music is here to stay and in fact is growing. As shown by the quick rise in video views for the video, it is as popular as ever. Reo is the first Bouyon artist to break both the half million and million mark and to do it in such a short space of time is astounding.”

The 24 year-old burst on the scene in 2018 and has performed at local events to include Colour Me Fete, Colour Me More, Breakfast Fete and was part of the Just Do It Nuh Carnival Band. His popularity in Guadeloupe continues to rise and so far he has performed at over 10 events there.

Reo is known for singles such as “Corn,” “Kin Kin,” “Dominica I From,” and “Looters Paradise.”  The “Sa Ka Bay” video is his second, with the first being “Looters Paradise” which chronicled some of the effects of Hurricane Maria on Dominicans. His latest hit “Dangerous” is produced by the WizZarD.

“Sa Ka Bay” was produced by Kruzan Beats and mixed and mastered by PHA and thaWizZarD. Reo is co-managed by Edwin of 365music.co and Rangi Frederick of EZBuy.


*direct links to the videos have been removed due to explicit content*

The videos are available via youtube