Springer is from St. Lucia. Photo: LinkeIn

Springer is from St. Lucia. Photo: LinkedIn

Recently-appointed Executive Director of the Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC), Claudine Springer, has tendered her resignation, with immediate effect on Friday morning.

Claudine Springer, from St. Lucia, took the position in June, about three years after the DFC was left without an Executive Director following the resignation of Natalie Clarke.

Springer’s first major task was the 2016 World Creole Music Festival.

In an interview with Dominica News Online, on Friday, Springer said that she is part of the private sector, and the post requires an individual from the public sector.

“I am from the private sector, and the way that things are done in the private sector, are vastly different from the way that things are done in the public sector…” she explained. “The office requires somebody from the public sector because there is a lot more that goes on with it than just the festival side.”

Springer, who is a publicist by trade, also coordinates events but stated that she thinks she was not fit for the job.

“This job, kind of required me melding the two, and I thought I could do it, but for me, when I’m doing an event, I want my focus to be on the nitty gritty of the event, and there a lot of moving parts that are involved in having a public sector office…” she elaborated. “I just didn’t want to do some of the things I had to do as part of my job. It didn’t make me happy.”

She stressed that her resignation was a personal decision towards preserving her happiness and that no fault lies with the DFC or Discover Dominica Authority (DDA).

“Am I happy doing all the paper-pushing and what not? No…When I did an examination, it’s not a deficiency on DFC’s part or DDA’s part. I just think that I’m not a right fit here, that somebody else will be a better fit,” she noted.

Springer added, “I love Dominica, and I will be back. This changes nothing about the love that I have for Dominica. I just made a decision for me.”