A carnival costume

As this year’s carnival celebration gets going more recommendations are being made for a permanent house for costumes built for the festivities.

Costume builders and carnival organisers have been lamenting the fact that costumes built every year are just stacked away and may never be seen again.

Costumes are built annually for contestants of the queen, teen and princess pageants, as well as for carnival costume bands.

One builder Darnely Guye has expressed the view that a permanent place to have the costumes on display will help push Dominica’s carnival product forward and the economy by extension since visitors will be able to view the builders’ work of art.

He is also of the view that the costumes can be used as models for teaching Dominicans about costume building and designing.

“It shouldn’t be something for one season,” he said. “It should be placed in something like a museum in which we can house a workshop.”