The contestants (from left to right): Shanel Dubique, Francille Lavinier, Indiana Griffith, Nadira Lando, Ameka Cognet and Kimberly Jno Charles.

The clock is ticking in the matter of sponsorship for the 2012 Carnival Queen contestants.

The organizers say so far only one participant has been able to secure full sponsorship, with only a few weeks to go before the show, which is carded for February 17.

They are encouraging members of the private sector to support this year’s Carnival Queen contestants.

Francille Lavinier of Picheline, seems to be the luckiest contender so far. She has sealed the support of Bullseye Pharmacy.

Show organizer, Romualda Hyacinth, told a press conference at LIME’s conference room on Wednesday, that five of the six contestants are in search of sponsorship.

“At the end of this press conference I hope the DFC  will get a call,” the Dominica Festival Committee official  stated.

Chairman of the Carnival Development Committee Alwin Bully backed her appeal.

“There is a call going out to the general public especially to corporate citizens, the corporate sector, the private sector to come out to support the carnival queen show,” Bully said, pointing out that partial sponsorship is also being encouraged.

The contestants this year are; Kimberly Jno Charles  of St. Joseph, Fancille Lavinier of Pichelin, sponsored by Bullseye Pharmacy, Nadira Lando of Bataca/Pointe Michel, Ameka Cognet of Elmshall, Indiana Griffith of Goodwill and Shanel Dubique of Petite Soufriere.

The annual queen show is one of the major attractions of Dominica’s carnival.