Events Coordinator of the Dominica Festivals Committee Natalie Clarke-Meade has challenged the private sector to produce a short film for next year’s World Creole Music Festival (WCMF).

She expressed the need to appeal to the younger generation and to begin looking for new forms of marketing the Festival and of marketing Dominica to the world through social media marketing and other forms of online marketing. She further put forth the notion that exploring the film world would be an added, fresh avenue to promoting the festival and called in the private sector to support it.

Clarke-Meade said, “I want to see a short film created for this festival. It is [already] 15 years old, after all. It should showcase not just the creole music, but the creole life that the whole of Dominica is so passionate about. The people wait for this month to wear their Robe Dwiyet and their madras and their hats and speak creole every Friday and have the Tradibelle come out and all these things. Let’s see if sponsors [will support] a short film that represents all of this that is called the Commonwealth of Dominica, in which sits the WCMF.”

She continued, “I feel that if we can challenge ourselves to get into the film world, we can bring this to a totally different level.”

The 15th edition of the WCMF will begin on the 28th of October and run through the 30th and is sponsored chiefly by The Government of Dominica and Digicel.