A scene from the video

Clint Henderson, who describes himself as a hardworking and one of the “most talented Soca/Bouyon stars,” has released a new music video for his song ‘No Filter.’

The video can be found on YouTube and on Henderson’s Facebook page

His love for music came as a desire to learn more about the art form, especially with his father, music legend Gordon Henderson, pushing him at the start to do his best.

“It is basically in my blood. I don’t like to brag but Gordon Henderson is my father, so it is our family tree, music is just in our blood,” he said to Dominica News Online. “We grew up listening to it, and playing it, and as producers, and composers, we’re just in the music business from scratch.”

In the video, Henderson, who is depicted as a “Minister of Culture,” shows how Carnival activities parallel well with the nature of the Dominican culture itself and promote through the song, a celebratory atmosphere of Dominica’s unique Carnival

It also recounts the “euphoric experience that I enjoy” around carnival time, he stated.

Henderson hopes that the music video, with the high level of quality that it possesses, will propel him even further in recognition on a local, regional, and international level.

Henderson also commended a recent initiative of the government of Dominica which provides a financing facility at the AID Bank for aspiring musicians saying that it is “very important for the musicians who don’t have the financing.”

“Everything in the music business is finance, and we have to big up the initiative of the government that they have located money for musicians to acquire loans and this is very important for musicians who don’t have the financing either to market themselves or get equipment. So we have to big up the government for putting up this gesture, this initiative for the music business in Dominica,” he remarked.

See the video below.