Zaimis Olmos standing beside her award-winning photograph

Zaimis Olmos standing beside her award-winning photograph

She hid behind the picture in case she was disappointed, but quickly emerged with her winning smile when she heard her son shouting and jumping in jubilation after her photo was unveiled.

Venezuelan native, Dominica based photographer, Zaimis Olmos,  had won the Yellow Pages competition for cover photo of the LIME phone book  front cover.

“I’m so happy!” Olmos, who is the artistic director of graphic design company, Neo-Xpression, told Dominica News Online afterwards.

Her winning photograph which was taken during the 110th anniversary celebrations of the Kalinago Territory captured a Kalinago Princess dressed in her native wear.

Olmos’ winnings include EC$1000 and a Nikon D3200 Camera.

“I didn’t know if I was going to win, it was a surprise,” she stated. “It’s nice, because my picture will be on the cover of Dominica Yellow Pages, so it means that everybody is going to see my picture. This is good for my company.”

She said she found out about the competition when a friend sent her a link to vote for his photo which he had submitted in the competition.

“So I went to vote for his picture and when I saw the competition, and I say I will try, and I sent the photo to them, but after (that) I forgot,” since according to her, it was during the carnival time which is an extremely busy time for her.

She says she is dedicating the photo to the Kalinago Children’s Foundation and wishes to thank the foundation for allowing her to use it in the competition.

“I am going to work with my camera that they gave to me, and my son wants the camera but I say no, its mine!” said an overjoyed Olmos, who has been living in Dominica for close to five years.

Olmos is also a free-lance photographer for Dominica News Online.

Another competitor, Lorenzo Sanford of Kalinago Territory also walked away with EC$1000 for gaining a large number of  likes on Facebook for his photo.

Olmos and her photo flanked by Yellow Pages staff

Olmos and her photo flanked by Yellow Pages staff