Peter Codrington

Dominican-born student in the US, Peter Whenrick Codrington, is preparing for what could be the greatest moment of his life thus far when he auditions in the 16th season of America’s most prominent television show, “The Voice.”

The 20 year-old Codrington, who was born and raised in Dominica, is currently an Aeronautics major at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in the United States.

In a recent interview, Codrington expressed his delight at being afforded this potentially life-changing opportunity.

“This is a tremendous opportunity in my life that I consider an asset both for myself and my family…” he said, “I have worked extremely hard on my voice to make it distinctive than the rest of the contestants… I think I am ready for this occasion and make it the most entertaining moments of my life…  I never thought that I would be given this chance by ‘The Voice’ producers and yet here I stand, ready for the audition!!”

Codrington started singing since he was just four years old and initially displayed his vocal talent as a Cantor of the Portsmouth Roman Catholic Church in Dominica’s second town. He also sang the National Anthem at his school’s NCAA Division Basketball Games. He was motivated to test his fortune in “The Voice” by the encouragement he received from his family and friends because of his excellent voice.

When asked how he feels to be the first Dominican to audition for “The Voice,” Codrington replied, “Well… it is not the time to get ahead of ourselves. It’s just a mere audition to the producers of the show. I hope that I am provided a slot in the blind audition or even extend this journey as far as I could”

The audition will be held  on the 24th of Februaryat at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

Best wishes to Peter Codrington as he prepares for this incredible moment in his life.