The contestants


Shanel Dubique

Shanel Dubique

I am Shanel Sarah Dubique and I was born on the 20th of January 1991 in the eastern village of Castle Bruce, to Margaret Laurent and Columban Dubique. My father was a farmer and my mother, a housekeeper. I was the third of four children in a humble, but very loving family who lived in a two-bedroom house. Times were hard financially but by the grace of God, and the sweat of my parents, there was always enough on the table.

I grew up in the village of Petite Soufriere situated just a few miles from Castle Bruce.  The community nurturing which I received as a child, helped to mould me into a spiritual, family-oriented, respectful and self-less individual.

My educational journey began at the primary school in the Village of San Sauveur, close to a mile-long daily trek from my Petite Soufriere home, sometimes in mercilessly scorching sun and sometimes, in drenching rain. As I grew older, I became aware of the importance of a sound education as a means of freeing myself and my family from the chains of poverty.

So, it was a life-changing moment for me, when, with my parents at my side, I walked through the gates of the Castle Bruce Secondary School for the first time, in September 2002.

With the support of my teachers and many of my peers, I would capitalize on that opportunity to exploit my potential, not only in academics but in other school activities. I was, among other things, an executive member of the student council, president of our AIDS- focused club, a cheerleader and a cross country runner.
My next stop was the Dominica State College and when I graduated with an associate degree in Biology in 2009, I knew that I had made my parents proud but I also knew that the journey was far from over.

Now, with the knowledge which I’m gaining from my medical administrative position at Dr. Hedda Dyer’s office, I am well positioned to pursue my goal of becoming a pediatrician. I’ve been able, through my relationship with my adorable niece, to experience the untainted beauty and innocence of children. As a pediatrician, I will take this experience beyond the stage of simply enjoying children, to HELPING them.

But my desire to help is not restricted to children. My Iove for community service, especially in caring for the elderly, is borne out by the fact that I’m a dedicated member of the Petite-Soufriere Trail Blazers Senior Citizens, an affiliate of the Dominica Council on Aging. As the reigning Miss Jupe Petite-Soufriere, I’ve also been playing my part culturally and will continue to do so, by participating in the Dominica Carnival Queen pageant.

My decision to take part in the pageant took some courage. It was not the attractive prizes or visions of fame which enticed me, although a scholarship would be helpful in pursuing my career goal. Rather, I saw an opportunity in the Carnival Queen Pageant, to step forward and offer myself, based on my personal values and attributes, as a role model for young people, motivating them to be self-reliant, industrious and competitive and always, to strive for excellence.
As challenging as it might be, I also intend to be an example to my peers, in tackling the declining spiritual, moral and social values in the world.

And if I succeed in making just a tiny difference, it will be small credit to myself, and all glory to God.


Nadira Lando

Nadira Lando

The Beautiful, intelligent Nadira Lando. 19 years of age and a proud contestant of the 2012 National Pageant. Born in Bataca to the wonderful mother, Aurilia Lucien and father, Michael Royer.

From Bataca, I moved to Capuchin at the tender age of two and spent the next two years of my life there. I attended preschool in Roseau for one year then moved in with my aunt to start Primary School. Being part of a Christian home, I attended the Berean Christian Academy then the Roseau Seventh Day Adventist Primary School.

By then, I had moved to Scotts Head and by the time I graduated from primary school, I had finally settled down in Pointe Michel with my mother and three siblings. One would think that the constant moving would tamper with my education and social life but it didn’t. At that young age, I remained top of my class and graduated from primary school in 2004with a bursary. I commenced high school that same year and spent the next five years there … I graduated from WHS valedictorian, capturing seven of the eight subject awards. I passed my CXC with five Grade 1s, two Grade 2s and one 3. I am currently completing my last year at  the DSC doing Economics.

But what about my teenage years??? One would question my hobbies and what I did for fun over the past seven years… Despite my very busy times, I found the time to divulge in books, my favorite passé temp. I developed a fascination for reading at a very young age, especially mystery and suspense. My favorite authors are James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark. I also love adventure and enjoy hiking the mountains.

As a young girl, most of my weekends were spent at my birthplace, Bataca where my grandparents Orna and Peter Lucien still live. I love them dearly and get frustrated when I’m away from them too long. I take that time to spend time with them and to also take a breather from all the hustle and bustle of the town. The fresh air and nature all around transform me into this serene and peaceful angel.

In the future, I see myself a prominent lawyer; criminal or tort.. I decided to direct my studies in that field because I am passionate about people’s ability to defend themselves and to be treated fairly.  I plan on furthering my studies once I graduate from college and one day represent  the people of Dominica.

Presently, I work at Digicel , The Bigger Better Network  where I work in the Business Solutions Department. It is a fine job and so are my fellow employees.

Contesting for the National Queen Pageant 2012 is a major challenge; one that I am ready to take on by the horn. With all the support that I have and my determination,

I know that I will make a fine Queen for Dominica.


Kimberly Jno-Charles

Kimberly Jno-Charles

In the small Western community of Morne Rachette I, 20 year old, Donna Kimberly Jno- Charles was born to parents Vannoulst Jno-Charles, a former Chairman of DBMC and a farmer by heart and Patricia Sabroache, the strong hold of the family who also works in the field of agriculture. At a tender age, I was relocated to the lively, cultural and carnival city “St. Joseph” which I will be proudly representing.

Raised in a home that firmly taught the morals of family life and strong love for people, country and culture, has lead me to be an advocate for the development of my community’s children and their development.  I am the last of 12 siblings, which I view as a privilege because they were there before me, to help guide this journey of life.

At the age of 10, I was enrolled at the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, from which I graduated in 2005 and attained my CXC qualifications. Later, I attended the Dominica State College and pursued an Associate Degree in Administrative Office Management, with  entrepreneurship, being my dream.

As a young woman I find my source of inspiration and gratification when I spend time in the presence of the young children of my community, teaching them our cultural arts, pageantry, creative dances, how to build self esteem, importance of education and a strong competitive attitude which is required to live in this globalised world.

I have a passion for dancing, dramatizing, and modeling.  When doing these arts, I feel a sense of fulfillment, hence my reason for being a member of the Waitkubuli Dance Theater and the St. Joseph Drama Group. I obtain my physical strength and stage personality from these creative arts. I am also a member of a youth group which  organizes community pageantry. Being involved in such groups has paved the way to my participating in such a competition.

Free spirited, vibrant, dynamic, motivated, social, spiritual, ambitious and well- grounded are innate qualities that I possess. Participating in Dominica’s National Pageantry has been my childhood dream, now the opportunity is before me, and I aspire to make this dream become a reality.


Indiana Griffith

Indiana Griffith

Proud to fall under the zodiac sign of Taurus, I am a woman of strength, and my name is Indiana Griffith. Born and raised in Goodwill, I am twenty one years old. Currently employed as a Junior Clerk with The Dominica Air & Sea Ports Authority (DASPA): I am privileged to enjoy an occupation that offers me flexibility, expansion for self-improvement, and that is rewarding in many ways. –This includes providing valued customer service to the many local consumers who rely on the help that I provide, every day. Daily, I am fueled by a family of colleagues at DASPA who are amicable and motivating. My alma maters are: The St. Alphonsus Preschool, The Goodwill Primary School, and the Dominica Grammar School.

I credit who I am today as a woman, to my loving parents, who have always ensured that they instilled in me strong spiritual, and moral, values. My mother would always encourage us to put God first in everything that my siblings and I did, and she would tell us to always respect ourselves, so that others will in turn respect us. My father’s advice was simple; view education as your top priority, and become independent. Holding on to this counsel, I can safely say that I grew up to be a very independent-minded young woman, who is ambitious, and on the brink of being a luminary.

I love having the opportunity of growing up in the amazing community of Goodwill. Due to its accessible location, and being close to the city and the hospital, not to mention my work place, and the schools I previously attended, I am continuously reminded of some of the many things that make everyday life, feel like home.  Without doubt, being in Goodwill ensures that I am never bored, especially around carnival time, where events and shows held there, give access to a kaleidoscope of the cultural and creative elements of Dominica, including: the soca monarch show, calypso show and yes of course, among my favorites, the pageants.

My hobbies are writing poetry, fashion designing, writing short stories, playing makeup artist, engaging in theatrics and baking, especially, cakes.

Some achievements that are notable and iconic in my life involve, but are not limited to, the experiences acquired in the latter years of my life, where I became interested in theatrics: and received the opportunity to play a small role as starter; in a play written by the multitalented play writer and director, Mr. Alex Bruno, in the well-received premiere of Man does Lie 2. As a result of this venture, I was asked to play one of the lead roles as a witch named Maleficent, in a Child’s play called Once Upon A Carnival, written and directed by the youngest play writer in Dominica, Miss. Giselle Pierre. Last but not least, I am currently in the process of developing my own website with the help of two friends. It is a website intended to be a virtual library on creative arts in Dominica, and its talented artists.

Still, always looking ahead, I insist: the best is yet to come: In the future I aspire to be an entrepreneur, producing my own fashion line and doing cosmetology. I have a passion for fashion designing and glamorizing people’s faces. I like making people feel beautiful about themselves. That means, in the future, I will pursue degrees in Business Management, Fashion Design and Cosmetology.

In conclusion, let me take you on a journey Dominica; I am a beautiful gem who is charismatic and innovative. Come follow me, throughout 2012, and you will see that I am one who is full of determination, positive in nature, self-assured and extremely creative; simply because I have the right attitude, and I am humbled by the many blessings God has poured out into my life, by being a proud native of this wonderful, and blessed island.

As an optimist, my motto, and principle in life, is to always remember: “if all else fails, Jehovah God Does Not; so chin up, and continue pressing forward – because my destiny awaits me.” To Dominica, I say this; if people disappoint us or things don’t go the way we planned, the promises God has written for us- which is our destiny- WILL come to pass, No matter what. Hence, in keeping with my favorite verse Proverbs  3: 5-6, always know that; as long as we trust in, and stick with Him, God has promised to steer our ship, on the right course.


Fancille Lavinier

Fancille Lavinier

I am nineteen year old Fancille Lavinier from the pristine village of Pichelin.  I was born in Montin, Tetemorne  on  the  25th  May, 1992, where I spent the first two years of my life, then I migrated to Guadeloupe and lived with my God parents for the next four years of my childhood.  At six I came to Dominica to live with my parents in the village which I now call home.

I am a graduate of the Pierre Charles Secondary School where I was afforded the opportunity to be engaged in groups such as the choir, the dance group and the Cadet Corps.  I was also a member of the Pichelin Cultural Group.   Currently, I am enrolled as a Literature and History student at the Dominica State College in an endeavour  to become an Attorney- at-Law.

I love pageants!  I  have won the Miss Wob Dwiyet Pageant at the Pierre Charles Secondary School and also  represented my school at the Miss Teenage Pageant.

My hobbies include: dancing, singing and exploring nature.


Ameka Cognet

Ameka Cognet

As Morning Glories blossomed at the break of dawn on November 4th, 1992, and Bill Clinton became the President of America, so too did a talented being enter this world.  Born under the sign of Scorpio, hailing from the community of Elmshall, I am 19 year old Miss Ameka Cognet.

I completed two years of pre-school at the Social Centre, and seven years of elementary school at the St. Martin’s Primary School.  From the tender age of seven I discovered my love for poetry in the third grade.  Simple nursery rhymes and riddles became easy to remember and I started to develop some of my own.  Also, I had a passion for singing which led me to be a part of my school’s choir and my church’s junior choir “Angel Harmony”.  Hence, due to my keen interest in the two art forms,
I was motivated to be a part of the Junior Calypso Soca Monarch Competition.  I competed for five years straight and became successful in my final year of participation when I placed third and got recognition for being the longest consecutive participant.

I then attended the Convent High School on a government scholarship, where I participated in numerous activities.  I took part in the school’s Miss Wob Pageant for my house (St. Rita) and emerged 1st Runner Up and then became greatly involved in sports.  I became the captain of the volleyball team and I played lawn tennis and took part in a few local competitions sponsored by I.T.A. (International Tennis Association); though I was not successful in getting to travel regionally to play, I kept the sport close to my heart.  Also, I became a part of the school’s dance group and school band where I played percussion.

Poetry was still a part of me and I took part in a love poetry competition in which I became 1st Runner Up and that kicked off my interest in being a performance poet.  In addition, before I left the esteemed high school, my final accomplishment was winning the school’s 150th Anniversary song contest with a song composed and arranged by myself.

However, my success didn’t stop there.  As a first year student at the Dominica State College I took part in the Miss D.S.C. Mas Jamboree and emerged 2nd Runner Up.  This led me to be a part of my community’s reunion pageant earlier this year and to my surprise I won the show making me the reigning “Miss La Coudre”.

Moreover, I’ve been a part of numerous groups and clubs of which I have acquired executive positions or just full membership.  I am the current secretary for my church’s youth group C.Y.C.C. (Cathedral’s Young Catholic Christians) and in 2009 got the opportunity to experience the Antilles Episcopal Conference) A.E.C. as a pilgrim in Jamaica representing Dominica and my church.  Furthermore, I am a confirmation class catechist (Sunday school teacher), a youth vibes radio presenter (on D.B.S. on Saturdays), and a member of the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre.

My poetry has pushed me to be a member of the writer’s guild.  Also, I was part of the Joint Secondary School’s Drama Group and took part in their first play “Square Peg”, and I am also a green belt in karate from the Purple Dragon Don Jisturyu System Dominica Branch.  I’m the former Vice President of the College’s Tourism Club, got nominated for president of the Student Council and at present am the president of the College’s Vis Art (Visual Art & Performing Arts) Club and an agriculture stilt walker.

My life so far has been full of adventure.  Persons may say that balancing school and all these activities must be hard however; it’s been a part of me and my personality to be actively involved.  Therefore, it is not much of a challenge.

Currently, I am a tourism and hospitality major at the Dominica State College for I would like to pursue a career in Culinary Arts or Hospitality and I want to be a professional chef.  I am at present the second runner up in the 2011 National Wob Dwiyet Pageant. However, I am taking life step by step with my next big challenge to conquer; the National Queen Show.

My motivational quote for my success thus far is, “What you think about, is what you bring about”, and I believe that if you’re optimistic about something, your words will then be reflected in your actions which will lead to your success in whatever the field of interest.  I want to be remembered as a positive and optimistic person and hopefully when the sun sets in my life my legacy and legend will live on for ages.