(l-r): Shervez Seaman, Sherkhia Andrew, Lizanne Cuffy, Rayne Annalizz Auguiste, Jewelle George (reigning princess 2017), G’nellie Williams, Semia Farrell, Ta’Kiyah Tai Bazil, Faydra Nicholas

Eight lovely little competitors were introduced to the public at the launching ceremony of the 2019 Dominica Carnival Princess Show which was held on Wednesday, December 5th.

The show which is carded for February 17th, 2019, is being hosted by the Rotaract Club of Roseau.

The participants are: Contestant #1 – Rayne Annalizz Auguiste, St. Martin Primary School; Contestant #2 – Lizanne Cuffy, Convent Preparatory School; Contestant #3 – Sherkhia Andrew, Wills Strathmore Stevens Primary; Contestant #4 – Shervez Seaman, Paix Bouche Primary School; Contestant #5 – G’nellie Williams, St. John’s Catholic Primary; Contestant #6 – Semia Farrell, Grand Fond Primary School; Contestant #7 – Ta’Kiyah Tai Bazil, Wesley Primary School; Contestant #8 – Faydra Nicholas, Soufriere Primary School.

“Our carnival princess show has grown year after year and has become one of the most anticipated events of the carnival season. This pageant creates the opportunity for young ladies between the ages from 8 to 12 to display their talents and discover the princess within themselves,” said one Rotaract official. “The show seeks to not only to encourage the contestants  to the ambassadors of the school but also within their respected communities and Dominica by extension, as can be seen in the act of past princesses.”

The Club is appealing to the business community and friends of Rotaract to “come on board” and help make the show a success.

Reigning carnival princess, Jowanna George, also spoke at the ceremony and shared some inspiring words with the young ladies.

“A princess is someone who believes in their own abilities and others, an individual who shows confidence and compassion. A true princess does not only wear a crown and pretty dresses but one who is fearless and gracious,” George told the competitors.

She added, “The 2019 carnival princess pageant should not only be seen as a competition but a stepping stone to upholding your characteristics and making a remarkable mark on the world.”

The theme of the show, in keeping with the aim of the pageant, is “connecting our past to embrace our future” .