DJ Flip 767Dj Flip Tha Boss of Flipside Recordz,Dominica has officially released his third album. This album features a new style called “Sewo Music” which is a fusion of Different Genres. In Dominica the word Sewo is another word for party or fete.

The Album Features 8 tracks,each having element of different genres. The album intro features the National Anthem used as leads over a Hip Hop Instrumental, laced with lyrics about the new movement and style.
Other import songs on the album include “Take A Whine” which features Dominica’s cultural instruments such as the Accordion,Cow Bell and Shack-Shack, fused with a Soca Groove that is complimented with the sweet sounds of Steel Pan. The Language used in this song is Jamaican Patois. This is indeed a real Caribbean blend, because unlike in other countries where you would go to a party and hear Dancehall and Soca music All night long,in Dominica a party is like a “Melting Pot” where Djs play music from Various genres trying to satisfy the audience who are so heavily influenced by all kinds of music. Sewo Music Captures the essence of a True Dominican Party.
The Album features Artist and Producers who are Strictly Dominican. It would have been easy to get Top Regional artist to sing on these beats once the price is right,but Flipside Recordz has the faith and confidence in Local talent. We will continue to bring out more music of this style and every song will have an official release as well as alot of Music Videos.
The Album is Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution and can Purchased on Apple iTunes :
A Summer 2016 Tour is planned and there will be an official release party where fans can get to see the artist live across the Island and Overseas.
Locally The Album Will Be Sold on Custom Made Flash Drives,not cds. This is another Revolutionary move by Flipside Recordz