Pieces at the exhibition

Vetivert Inc. has collaborated with Wild Dominique and one of Dominica’s most promising up and coming Artist Shadrach Burton, to present its Vetivert Gallery Summer show, ‘Trash2Art’, curated by Earl Darius Etienne.

The Exhibition runs from Friday 6th July till 14th September.

The exhibition features artwork made out of trash found while cleaning up beaches and everyday household items to raise awareness of the pollution crisis in Dominica.

“At Vetivert it is important to us that we are in touch with our communities and bring tangible benefits to them and their environments,” the company said in a statement. “As Artist’s Agent and Creative Consultants, we use our expertise and networks to multiply this impact by providing services such as; product design & development; marketing & sales; brand development & promotion; and creative coaching. We feel strongly that these services are urgently required to play a critical role in cultural innovation and creativity in Dominica, key to supporting creatives working in all media, especially post-hurricane Maria. This will also enable us to develop a robust database of Dominica’s artists and makers for further support as well as local, regional and international promotion.”

The statement continues, “This Trash2Art Show, in particular, brings together science-based and creative approaches to how we treat trash and an awareness of the plight we place on the spaces we inhabit through our unconscious habits. While we know this is just one step in a long journey we believe that Culture is a constantly evolving asset of humanity that is shaped by our past, both our tangible and intangible Heritage, influenced by life experiences. While aspects of Heritage should be celebrated, protected and preserved, we agree with the thesis that employing innovative approaches to our cultural evolution can enhance our Heritage vibrancy. Thus making for far more productive, engaged, self-reliant communities and support a new enlightened Dominica.”

“This exhibition is our way of getting the conversation started on the pollution crisis in Dominica,” Founder of WildDominique, Jeanelle Brisbane explains. “No one likes to look at garbage so we are going to clean it up and turn it into art to get Dominicans to talk about this problem. You’ll be amazed by what you can create out of someone’s “trash”.”

The idea for the Trash2Art Exhibition came about while cleaning up the Colihaut and Batali beaches this past Earth Day (April 22nd) as part of Dominica’s Beach Cleanup Campaign. Despite the hard work done to collect the trash, cleaning up the beaches without a public awareness campaign only provides a temporary solution.

The Beach Cleanup Campaign was an initiative by WildDominique, SALT, and Recycle Rebuild in collaboration with the Fisheries and Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks Divisions. The campaign involved cleaning up a beach both on land and underwater every month collecting data on the type and quantity of pollutants found. So far, the efforts have resulted in over 8,000 pieces of trash removed from four beaches alone weighing over two tons.

See photos below from the opening of the exhibition which is being held at the Prevo Cinemall.