A page from the magazine featuring designer Glenda Samuel

A page from the magazine featuring designer Glenda Samuel

Fashion Fete was held at Harlem Plaza on 22nd of May 2015 during which six designers from Dominica showcased their designs in African prints and styles.

The designs were modeled by 32 models of different sizes, ages and shapes.

A magazine for the event has been published and is now available both online (free) and in hard copy.

It contains the biography of designers, the history of how Fashion Fete was born, and the designs that were showcased on the night of the show as well as more information on how to wear latest African styles.

Some fashion tips can also be found on the magazine.

The aim for compiling the magazine was to fulfill the need of the audience who are interested in knowing more about the designers and their designs.

It also plans to give the audience a compiled memory of the whole concept of the new growing interest of African Fashion, which is in vogue presently. The magazine is available as an E-copy and can be freely downloaded from the link below and also available as a hard copy which can be obtained from magazine newsstands.