FanatikOne of the signature events of the Fanatik Band, Fete Fanatik, has been postponed to Saturday 26th April 2014 at the Mill Yard in Canefield.

The event was slated for today (Friday 21) at the same venue, but has been rescheduled “because interested corporate partners who loved the all-inclusive concept needed time to honour carnival commitments,” according to the band’s management.

Band leader, Cornell Phillip, said interest from corporate Dominica for the event has been overwhelming. “They love the concept but they need to meet previous commitments and so we feel the date gives them not only time to do so, but we have more time to promote and prepare patrons for an amazing experience,” he said.

The event, which is in its third year, is an all-exclusive carnival experience which Phillip notes “promises to appeal to the discerning party-goer looking for a fun-filled event, in a classy and secure atmosphere.”

“Fete Fanatik is set to become the most anticipated theme party on the Dominica events calendar,” he said.

For the event the band is promising a versatile repertoire which will include recent releases “Shake Me Bambalam” and “Big Bad Wolf,” featuring lead singer Carlyn XP as well as “Champion Whiner” featuring Carlyn XP and the Bouyon Prince Nayee.

Calypsonian Murphy “Sye” Jno. Jules, joins Carlyn on lead vocals to round out the front line.

Live music will be complimented by spins from DJ Midian.

Tickets for the previous date will be honoured and those who have already bought tickets can return them at point of purchase for a full refund.