richard young

Richard Young selected the Dominican models

Five young Dominican ladies have been selected to a preliminary list of aspiring models from the Caribbean, to participate in the Caribbean’s Next Top Model competition scheduled for later this year.

Casting Director for the Caribbean’s Next Top Model  season 2, Richard Young, made the selection on Saturday February 22nd.

They are; Lynah Bontiff from Calibishie, the winner of the 2013 Dominica Next Supermodel competition, Jeanne Royer from Canefield, a 2013 Carnival Queen Contestant, Leslassa Armour Shillingford from Castle Comfort, Miss Dominica Queen Pageant winner for 2013, Odessa Elie from Bath Estate, winner of Miss DSC Mas Jamboree 2013 and Nicole Morson from Portsmouth, a contestant in the 2013 Dominica Next Supermodel competition.

Young said he came to Dominica as he felt it needs to be included in the process of the Caribbean’s search for models which will promote the Caribbean on an international scale.

Young said the first season was successful and now is the time for season 2, but this time they are widening the reach of the selection process, thus including Dominica.

“I came to the Island as a judge for the Mr. Caribbean show held on Friday February 21st and as a result of being on the Island, thought it would be a great opportunity to look for new talent and such integration in the Caribbean is something we need to do more often,” Young explained.

When this is done he said, the creative and cultural industries can really blossom by branding themselves collectively as a Caribbean unit and not separate islands.

“I hope my trip here will be the beginning of an association for me and the creative talents I saw in Dominica with various facial types and body shapes that will work well to brand the Caribbean and Dominica,” Young added.

“The five young ladies that were selected is part of a pre-selection process which will later be short listed when the selection process is completed throughout the Caribbean, and the quantity of ladies will determine the number of participants per country,” he explained.

After the final selections are made, the first episode of the competition will feature 25 to 30 young ladies who will be flown to a location, where the show will be filmed in “The House,” where the competitors will reside.

They will engage in various challenges and those do not succeed will be cut from the show until one emerges as the Caribbean’s Next Top Model for 2014.

Filming is set to begin in May of 2014.

Below are photos of the five young ladies who have been selected.