One of the performers at last year's competition

One of the performers at last year’s competition

Fourteen finalists have been selected for the 3rd annual NCCU Cadence Lypso competition, scheduled for Saturday 18th October, where they will take on the challenge of dethroning reigning champion Cletus ‘Halibut’ Abraham.

The finalists were selected from the  31 entrants who took part in the elimination round, on Saturday, 30 August at the Harlem Plaza. Each performer sang two verses and two choruses and was judged on the lyrics and melody of their shortened compositions.

This is the first time in the competition’s history that there is an elimination round.

“We wanted the selection process to be more transparent,” says NCCU representative Marcel Harrigan. “Normally we have a panel that would listen to the audio submitted and then make a selection; but this year we wanted the Dominican public included so they could witness the process themselves.”

Returning performers include last year’s runner-up Shirley Charles, with her song “No More Division” and 2nd runner up Webster De Web Marie, who will sing “Sai Kai”.

New faces include Miriam Gerwig who impressed the ‘Harlem’ crowd with both her rendition of “Kochonni” and her guitar playing ability. Other new competitors include calypsonian Vigilante and Ian Jackson better-known for his talents behind the scene, namely as a journalist and calypso songwriter.

The NCCU Cadence Lypso show starts at 8:30 PM on October 18th. Tickets cost $50.00 in advance, $60 at the gate and VIP is $125.00. Tickets can be purchased at all Branches of the National Cooperative Credit Union Ltd.

See NCCU Cadence Lypso Finalists below:

Artist Stage Name Song
John Mark Mauzzers Vengeance
Cyril Henderson De Elf Plante Pou Wekolte
Colette Ambo Colette Ambo Zanfan Se Pa Woch
Steve Williams Triumph Mennen Vini, Pote Ale
Emmanuel Salamat Daddy Haxey Kite Mwen An Pe
Webster Marie De Webb Sai Kai
Miriam Gerwig Miriam Kochonni
Algernon Ducreay Iration Pawol Gwan Manman
Ramadine Phillip Kalfa P Manman Soutiwe
Ellis Serant Ellis Serant Wimesye Bondye
Shirley Charles Lady S No More Division
Ian Jackson Jacko Cry Africa
Anton Joseph White Fayrie Pa Kite Mwen
Raymond Vigilant Vigilante Wimed