Henderson waves a Dominican flag as he performs at a relief concert for Dominica recently

Henderson waves a Dominican flag as he performs at a relief concert for Dominica recently

Cadence icon, Gordon Henderson, has added another award to his collection.

On Saturday evening, during the annual National Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU) Cadence-Lypso competition held at the Newtown Savannah, the NCCU’s Achievement Award was bestowed on the man who revolutionized Creole music around the world.

“So on behalf of the people of Dominica, the NCCU presents Gordon Henderson with the Achievement Award 2015,” Master of Ceremony, Alex Bruno, announced, reading the NCCU citation.

Henderson was not present to receive the award and it will be eventually sent to him.

According to the citiation, Henderson is the leader and founder of the famous musical group Exile One and the one who coined the name Cadence-Lypso for a genre of music that revolutionized modern Creole music worldwide.

“Mr. Gordon Henderson is one of the finest Creole music writers, composers and performers. The Candence-Lypso music was named by Gordon Henderson. His legacy as a Creole music writer/composer/performer includes late 1960’s the formation of Voltage Four, 1970 lead singer of the group Les Vikings in Guadeloupe, 1973, recorded his first single entitled ‘Love’ with Les Viking,” he stated. “‘Love’ was a huge success.”

Henderson later formed the group Exile One together with Fixtroy Williams, Viviane Wallace, Julie Mourillon and others and in 1973 coined the Candence-Lypso music.

The band has been described as the most exportable Creole band in the Caribbean.

“The most innovative and exportable Creole band of the Caribbean, this is evident in the record sales of a million records,” Bruno said according to the citation. “The first to sign a production contract with a major label called Barclay records. The first to export the music to four corners of the globe, Japan, the Indian ocean, Africa, North America, Europe and the Cape Verde Islands. The grande dame de chason- Ophelia is among several artistes who benefitted from Gordon’s talent and exceptional skills…”

Gordon Henderson was also very instrumental in establishing the World Creole Music in 1996.

“Gordon has traveled worldwide, played, promoted and presented Cadance-Lypso to the rest of the world and Gordon continues to ensure that this genre of music lives on, and on, and on,” the citation said.