Dominicans are in for a treat of dynamic performances, heart-wrenching testimonies, soulful worship and ministry at Dominica’s Fifth Annual Gospel Explosion (GE5) tonight at 8 pm on the Newtown Savannah. This year’s audience will be blessed by Carlene Davis and Ordinary a.k.a Mr. Amen from Jamaica and Koen Duncan from Trinidad & Tobago also from local artist Brotherz of Destiny, Mickael Ferrol, Beyond and DJ Alfy.

Gospel Explosion has been hosted by Zion Praise Production Inc, a non-profitable organization, established with the view of giving hope and encouragement to the young people through clean entertainment. Zion Praise comprises a total of 5 persons, 4 Directors, 1 member. The directors are Albert Dj Alfy Raffoul, Gregory Christian, Israel Fontaine, McPherson Thomas and Yannick Victor member

The first Gospel Explosion was held in 2006 and has featured artists like Sherwin Gardner, Sean Daniel and Jadee from Trinidad, Stichie, St. Matthew, Jai and da-Jay from Jamaica, Mr. Lynx from Bahamas, Emrand Henry from St. Lucia, AZ-1 from Anguilla, and Chain Breakers from Antigua. Also featured were local artists like Lester Celestine, Kenty, Nicole Christian and the All Star Band and Natalie Joseph.

Gospel Explosion provides an avenue for Ministry, sharing the Word of God and sweet fellowship with saints from around the globe. Come to be spiritually filled, edified, encouraged and celebrate what God is doing in the lives of others. See You There!