Logurz (left), Haxey

For the second consecutive year, the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) is declaring a “tie” for the Road March title in Dominica.

That decision came one week after Carnival 2018 was celebrated in Dominica from PRO of the DCA Davidson “Observer” Victor after the DCA held its first meeting after the carnival celebrations.

“I am pleased to inform you that we have decided on the 2018 Road March title and it’s yet another tie like 2017. We have decided that it will be shared between Haxey and Logurz,” Victor said.

Victor said from reports, Haxey, with his song ‘Sá ki sá-w sè sá-w’ dominated Carnival Monday, while ‘Maria Make She Wet’ by Logurz dominated Tuesday.

He said it was difficult to declare a “clear winner.”

“Both songs dominated the road and it was very difficult for us to get a clear winner like was the case in 2017 when it was shared, but I can say to you that this is the last time that is going to happen since we have decided to put the necessary mechanisms in place like Trinidad & Tobago to ensure that we have a tally of the songs played on the road on both days,” he stated.

Last year Sye (“Cartoon Cabinet”) and Lady V (“Spirit”) shared the prize.