Dear BellaMany write letters to you and your readers consider them to be fake, but I am a real Dominican girl boldly speaking the truth behind the screen of a PC.

I am an 18-year-old. I live with my mom and dad. I’ve been sexually active from age eleven although my mom and dad is very strict with me. I have had unprotected sexual contact with over 20 men and I also kissed about over 30 men.

With the men I have had sexual contact with, sometimes it is a one-night stand and sometimes I like the person because they’re cute. I have sexual contact with the most impossible people, even a political leader of Dominica.

I’ll not call names and I am not in it for money but just for the pleasure of it and I am acting just like a prostitute. I AM ADDICTED and I need help to stop.

Daily I look at porn and I’m even thinking of becoming a lesbian. I look real innocent and I am known by many in Dominica. Sometimes I also feel to just have a man and settle down as long as he treats me nice in every way.

I am really confused and sometimes feel suicidal because of the way my life is. I must sex to have fun and sometimes I have three men for the day.

I really need to change but there are other issues in my life. I am very lucky I haven’t gotten any sexual disease as yet.

Please, please, I need some advice.


Dear Desperate,

I am sad and shocked at the situation you are in. You need to stop this dangerous practice immediately as you are exposing yourself to many illnesses including the deadly HIV virus. This type of behavior will get you nowhere in  the future and I hope you realize that.

Now you mentioned that there are other issues in your life, and I suspect they are the roots of your behavior. I encourage you to explore these issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

In the meantime go get yourself a test and concentrate on something fruitful.


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