I am a 19-year-old, very beautiful attractive, intelligent young woman. I have a career. I have my own house and car but no kids as yet.

I’m confused still because I am in love with two men; one is married with a divorce pending from his wife because of me.

He is one of the very prominent men in our society in Dominica. He owns and manages a few establishments here and abroad. We travel together a lot and our sex life is perfect.

He loves me with all of his mind body and soul and I do to, but you see Bella, the other one, guy B is not only loving but he is kind, just adores me and he makes sacrifices for me. He is not as prominent as guy A. My family doesn’t like guy B but they love guy A.

What should I do Bella, I love them both…..

Polygamous Teen

Dear Polygamous Teen,

Nothing warms a woman’s heart more than a man who is kind, adores her and makes sacrifices for her. And this is exactly what guy B is doing.

Now guy A actually is divorcing his wife for you and who knows he might just do the same thing to you when the next young skirt comes his way. Because of that, I would proceed with extreme caution.

So take some time off from both of them while you work on your choice. Settle on the one that is most committed to you, who is a good communicator, the one who makes good use of the differences between you two, the one who is honest with you, the one who respect you and doesn’t take you for granted. Remember sex, although significant, is not the the answer to a good relationship.

Good luck.


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