A scene from Creole 'n Jazz last year

A scene from Creole ‘n Jazz last year

Director of Tourism Collin Piper, has stated that the annual Jazz ‘n Creole Festival has showed a significant increase in patrons over the years, growing in popularity from 600 patrons to over 1,200 in 2012.

This year the event is slated for May 19 and will see talents such as Haitian Jazz artiste, Beteau Obateau, performing.

According to Piper, the event was initiated to increase visitor arrival to the island during the month of May.

“The objectives of the event are to develop and stage an event which becomes a marquee festival tourism product and also generates economic activity and drives destination branding and increase visitor arrivals,” he said at a press conference on Thursday.

He said one of the main challenges facing the festival is other Jazz activities taking place in Martinique, Marie-galante and St Lucia.

However, Piper pointed out that the creole aspect of Dominica will be used to make Jazz ‘n Creole different in the hope of attracting more visitors.

He also noted that the event will be marketed and advertised in the French and other nearby countries to encourage more regional patrons.

Meanwhile, vice president of the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association, Maxine Alleyne-Esprit, said that the duration of the event was increased this year to give local talents and opportunity to display their skills and perform.

According to her, fringe Jazz events will run from May 15 to 18 and will showcase various aspects and areas of Dominica.

“This year we will begin with a cocktail type event at the Evergreen Hotel … on Thursday evening at the Anchorage hotel we have the Weekly Word Sound and Power Event which will be beefed up with guest artistes and on Friday the Happy Hour at the Fort Young event will be made more exciting with Jazz. On Saturday afternoon we will have a riverside Jazz event at the Riverside Bar and Grill,” Esprit noted.

Esprit also revealed that a workshop for local artistes may be incorporated as part of the fringe events for the festival.  “We are also hoping to incorporate a workshop for the local musicians where one of the visitng artistes will be able to do a master class and will also feature as a guest artistes for one of the fringe events,” she said.

The Jazz ‘n Creole festival will take place at the Cabrits National Park.