King Dice. * Photo credit:

Four-time calypso king Dice, legend Picky, and Third Eye are some of the “big names” expected to help kick off the 2011 calypso season with the calypso elimination round at the Krazy Kokonuts this Sunday, starting at 8 p.m..

Dice has been out of the competition for the past two years but will be making a come-back this year.

Tarina, the 2009 winner of the Stardom Tent, is expected to participate in Sunday’s elimination round after missing out on last year’s competition, Vice president of the Calypso Association, Davidson ‘Observer’ Victor, has said.

Man Himself may also return to the elimination stage, and Third Eye, who has been missing from calypso eliminations for some time now, will be making a come-back,  Victor said.

And while not disclosing a number, the calypso planners say several females and some newcomers will form part of the 45 calypsonians expected to grace the stage on Sunday.

Meantime, the Showdown Mas Camp will be launched on Tuesday, January 11, and the first event of that camp will get going from Friday, January 14, at Harlem Plaza.