Pretending Reality was written by Gloria Augustus and stars Asaiah Yankey

“Pretending Reality” a film developed  by La Cour Des Arts De La Dominique Inc. to spark conversation to show the pain that can be caused when children are trying to find out who their fathers are, will be launched at the Dominica Public Service Union Building on Saturday 11th August 2018

The film highlights the yearning of a young boy to find out his father’s identity which led to unforeseen circumstances.

The production was done under the Juvenile Justice Reform Project Phase 1 through the then Ministry of Social Services. The film was written by Magistrate Gloria Septra Augustus, and directed by Curtis Clarendon with Alwin Bully as Consultant.

“What we have done is under the Juvenile Justice Reform Project (JJRP) phase 1 where we were supposed to do certain things to reach out to the public, we had teamed up under the project and sometime in April of 2016 we had a major outreach program where we had a panel discussion on the root causes of violence,” Augustus told Dominica News Online (DNO) during an interview on Thursday.

She continued, “This [is the] reason why we saw this as important because in my role as a Magistrate in the court dealing with family matters and young people, I have seen the pain and anguish that has been caused by children who do not know who their fathers are or even though they know who their fathers are, whose fathers are not present in their lives and what it has caused them.”

Augustus went out to say that the group showed a film that was made in Grenada showing the effects of parents leaving their children and going out to try to get work while the children are cared for by other persons.

According to her, the projects were done to bring out those messages.

She said the group was also involved in a parenting programme by radio in 2016.

The lead actor is Asaiah Yankey as Madavan. Yankey left Dominica following Hurricane Maria in September 2017 to pursue studies in Jamaica. He is now on holiday in Dominica, so, the group is using that opportunity to launch the film. 

Augustus encourages the public to come to view the film and although entrance is free, she said given that the group focuses on children, they plan to assist a young child who has certain educational needs, so a small contribution will be appreciated.

 She pointed out that following the film a discussion will be held in terms of the whole issue of fatherhood.

Augustus noted that this is one of the ways in which the talent of youth can be highlighted and to sort of give a voice to youth and help youth realize their full potential.

The launch of the film is expected to begin from 8:00 PM.