‘Lugarzz’ after winning the title

For the first time, Derrick “Lugarz” St Ville has emerged winner of the Stardom Monarch of the Tent at the Strip in Loubiere on Wednesday evening.

Lugarz was one of 25 competitors and won with his rendition entitled, “Maria Make She Wet”.

First Runner-Up position went to Emmanuel “Haxey” Salmant with “Sa Ki Sa’w Say Sa’ w” and Second Runner-Up was Tasha “Tasha P” Peltier with “Wrong Plus Wrong is Wrong.”

Following the crowning, St Ville said, “I am really surprised because I know it is true that for the whole season ‘Maria Make She Wet’ was the hallmark of the tent but I believe Haxey was very strong and also Tasha P.”

He said that his song has been making headway throughout the six tents leading up the Monarch of the Tent.

However, St Ville revealed that he was disappointed that he did not make it through the semi-finals of the calypso competition.

He acknowledged that he blundered over the years but he was of the opinion he should have made it through this year.

“But this year I find I did exceptionally well, up to yesterday I met a guy and he was telling me about my song and I told him I sang that song and so many guys made mistake in their songs and they came out before me. I came out number 20,” he stated, referring to his performance at the semi-finals.

St Ville recalled an encounter he had with an individual who relayed what he said was disappointing information that a calypso judge had to say about him.

“The gentleman met me and was telling me about he met a judge and the judge was telling him that I am very lucky to come out number 20,” he alleged.

He said that based on the encounter, he feels that the judges judge calypso competitions with preconceived notions of the calypsonians.

“It means that there are judges who come to the show with their level of hate and a level of mischief because I finding to myself, after all these guys make their mistakes, they come out before me, still coming out in the semifinals and for me not to get a place there, I just feel to myself it is really unjust,” stated St. Ville.

Listen to the song below.